How These Romantic Novels Were Written

How do authors write romantic novels? Did you think about it? Each book has its own history of writing. Someone experienced some event in their life that made them write about it in a book; others observed the lives of others and decided to write about it, and so on. Check out how these three romantic novels were written.

Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the Wind

Margaret Mitchell began this novel from the end. It should be said that this is how she always wrote all her books, because she knew that this was how crime stories and detective stories were written. At first, Margaret Mitchell wrote the famous phrase, which can now be found on the penultimate page of the novel, and which conveys the essence of the plot: “She couldn’t understand either of the two men she loved, and now she has lost both” On the first day, Margaret Mitchell wrote two thousand words (the last scene of the novel). When her husband came home that evening, Margaret read what she had written. John approved the initiative, and the next day Margaret continued her story with a description of the pre-war life of the heroes. The title of the novel was also given shortly before its publication. It was originally called Tomorrow Will Be Another Day, but the publishers didn’t like this title. The writer offered the editors of Macmillan a choice of 24 titles, with the title Gone With the Wind being the seventeenth in this list, but with a note that she liked it the most. The novel was published in 1936 under this name and immediately became a bestseller.

Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre

Charlotte once noticed that female characters of novels are inhumanly beautiful. “But you can’t attract the reader otherwise,” replied her sisters. “You are wrong, – said Charlotte. – Do you want my character to be ordinary in appearance, but so interesting, dignified, and attractive inside that they will love her?” Jane Eyre became such a character. The story itself, which formed the basis of the novel, happened in reality. A respectable man married a young girl who was a governess. And a year after the wedding, it became known that the man had another wife, and she had already given birth to a child. This sad story shook impressionable Charlotte to the depths of her soul. Charlotte sincerely sympathized with the unfortunate woman. The girl was like a little honey bee – diligent and painstaking. She selflessly worked for the good of people. The man fell in love with her with all his heart. He wanted reciprocity and got it. These two loved each other sincerely and deeply. So, Charlotte Bronte decided to write about them in her book.  

Frederic Beigbeder – Love Lasts Three Years

This is an extremely personal story, which the author tried to drive into the framework of a story about typical cheating. The deep emotions experienced by Mr. Beigbeder were stitched together and became the reference book of many people. They say that love has the shortest period. Is it true? The author is trying to figure it out. He says that the first year is crazy in all senses, the second year is gentle, and the third is difficult. This is how Frederick describes love in his book. Moreover, he relied on scientific studies that prove that some hormones affect our feelings. For example, we all experience euphoria and happiness at the beginning of a relationship. Many will even consider that this is love. This is followed by a period of tenderness. And the last period is boredom. Hormones stop stimulating the emotional dependence of people in love. So, we have a chance to either prove or refute this theory with the main character.